Melih Abuaf


Personal Info

  • Date of birth : 1985
  • Pleace of birht : Istanbul / Turkey


Melih Abuaf was born in 1985 in Istanbul Turkey.  Melih Abuaf is a Turkish phenomenon youtuber, server and actor. He known for MediaKraft Youtube Channels “Oha Diyorum”, “YapYap” and sinema film OHA Diyorum (2017).

Melih Abuaf is a graduate of Koç University Business Administration. The family comes from the family who migrated from Spain to the Ottoman State. We knew him on Youtube with Oha Diyorum and yapyap channels. Shuan is still actively performing and acting on these channels. He is also the partner of the Mediakraft company.

Melih Abuaf and Mediakraft Youtube Channels

Mediakraft Turkey is a video production company that creates original entertainment content on YouTube. Having launched 3 of the 10 most subscribed YouTube channels in Turkey, it generates 250 million views per month.

Top Channels of Mediakraft: OhaDiyorum (3.5m subscribers), YapYap (3m subscribers) and AfacanTV (21m monthly views)

  • Wrote and developed original content for videos totalling 2 billion views
  • Researched and localised global YouTube content suitable for Turkish audience, such as game shows, experiments and pranks
  • Directed a production team of 10, strategised production process with attention to tight budget
  • Succeeded in taking on various managerial roles such as HR, finance and accounting, including hiring and monitoring performance of new members
  • Acted as a host in most of the produced content
  • Became a local YouTube celebrity with frequent advertisement requests