Baris Arduç


Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 9 October 1987
  • Place Of Birth:  Switzerland
  • Height: 6' 1½" (1.87 m)
  • Education : Erciyes University
  • Parents : Erol Arduç, Gülay Arduç


Turkish television and film actor and director. He is also a Goodwill Ambassador by Life Without Cancer Society at Turkey. Baris Arduç was born in Switzerland, 9 October 1987. At age of 8 years old, Arduç together with his family moved to Istanbul, Turkey at 1995. Arduç was born to father Erol Arduç and mother Gülay Arduç. He has an older brother Onur Arduç and a younger brother Mert Arduç, and one sister. He started his career as TV series and film actor in 2011. The first one was “First Little Lady” (“Küçük Hanimefendi”). At June 2015 he got a starring role in the Turkish TV series “Rental Love” (“Kiralik Ask”).

The Acting Career

The young man has an attractive appearance and excellent acting abilities. That’s the reason why Barış managed to obtain one of the roles in TV-series “Dashing Yedi” right after getting a diploma. The successful debut put the splendid beginning to the actor’s career. Film directors and agents began offering the handsome man other roles. Many projects with Arduç featuring became a noticeable affair in the cinema world. The beginning actor was offered leading roles in spite of experience absence. The ability to express emotions both by words, look and mimics differs the actor from many others. The silence that keeps the actor often seems to talk. This is a specialty of the actor that attracts many fans to him. The role in TV-series “Ranted Love” is one of his last works. The cinema is a comedy drama. The TV-series was translated both in Turkey and abroad. This enlarged the quantity of the handsome young man’s fans. Baris Arduc attracts the attention by handsome appearance and excellent slim figure. Though many cinema critics see in it a large acting reserve.

The Private Life

The young actor doesn’t hurry to speak to journalists about his private life and prefers to keep his love affairs in secret. Nevertheless, the actor’s fans and mass media got known about his close relationships with the actress Gyupse Ozay. The young people have been going to dating for nearly a year. They spend their vacation together and attends tea parties.


  • Movie Name


  • Deliha

    Comedy, Family, Romance

    4.7 /10