Recep İvedik 5 Movie Story

While offering his condolences to the widow of his recently departed friend İsmet, Recep İvedik is saddened by her predicament and decides to help out. Together with Nurullah, they take the road to finish the last contract taken by her late husband, bus driver İsmet. Thinking that it will be a short trip, Recep ivedik finds out too late that the contract is about transporting a group of young athletes abroad to an international sports competition.

Things get complicated when team members face a serious misfortune and Recep is forced to take control. Deciding that only way out of this is by winning at the events, Recep tries to handle everything with his unique methods, causing all kinds of hilarious results.

This fifth adventure of Recep İvedik character, created by Şahan Gökbakar, is ready to meet its audience once more as a peerless comedy adorned with fun and entert

Recep continues his saga with olympics.

Recep İvedik 5 Characters


Recep Ivedik – Şahan Gökbakar

Şahan Gökbakar - Recep Ivedık

Recep İvedik character, whom Şahan Gökbakar gave life, provides his livelihood by trucking. While trying to fulfill his last mission on the death of his neighborhood friend Ismet, he finds himself in many adventures. Recep İvedik who has a hard character has as much funny huiye as nervous. Because of his aggressive attitude towards Recep İvedik, he does not want to infect him.

Trucker – Murat Bölücek

Murat Bölücek is a member of the close friends of Recep İvedik, the character of the trucker who is portrayed. Recep agrees very well with İvedik and feels himself close to him. When your friend asks for help, he finds himself in a sporting event. The trucker Recep İvedik, who is a character who has never played a sport in his life, is preparing for the races or trying to be prepared.

Akif – Orhan Varan

Akif, who is one of the sportsmen in the Mille team, is a young man who is influenced by the strange movements of Recep İvedik. Recep İvedik and the end of an adventure that is not certain Akif’in head of a kind will not survive. Orkan Varan is the one who gave life to the funny young character Akif.

Team Manager – Deniz Ceylan

Deniz Ceylan is the player who gives life to the character who is the manager of the national team. Team manager Recep İvedik’in the task of the team falls into many difficult situations. Even if there are many issues that he tried to counter against Recep İvedik, he could not pass his word to this aggressive man. Recep falls frequently because of İvedik. Despite the fact that the national team manager has a calm character, Recep İvedik has been able to get him out of the limbo with his movements.

Trucker Beton – Hüseyin Baycur

Hüseyin BaycurIn Recep İvedik 5, trucker concrete Adem character is played by Hüseyin Baycur who is born in 1981. Recep tells that Adem is in a difficult situation. He goes to help Recep İvedik and he finds themselves in the Olympics.

Other characters

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