The Broken Landlord (1985)

Comedy, Drama | 101 min min

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  • Directing :
    • Nesli Çölgeçen (Director)
  • Writing :
    • Yavuz Turgul (Writer)
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  • Art :
  • Camera :
  • Costume & Make-Up :
  • Editing :
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  • View : 280

Movie Story

The landowner (Agha) of the Haraptar village marries off his old father with the young and beautiful Kiraz. But on the nuptial night, his father dies and everthing starts to go bad for the Agha. Due to the long drought and provocations of Kekec Salman (big brother of Kiraz), the peasants steal the crops and run away to Istanbul. Without the peasants and crops, Agha is also forced to sell the village and move to Istanbul. But he cannot keep up with the big city life and consumes all his money and belongings. Agha’s wife and relatives leave him during this downfall. Only Kiraz stays with him at the end and they make a fresh start via the best thing that Agha can make : raw meatballs …


Mother of Agha

Son of Agha


Wife of Kekec Salman

Kahya - Butler

Abdo Aga

Hirpit Ali

The agha's wife Zana

Kekec Salman

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