Sebnem Dönmez


Personal Info

  • Birth Name: Sebnem Donmez
  • Date of Birth: 17 May 1974
  • Place Of Birth:  Salzgitter, Lower Saxony, Germany
  • Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)


Born in Salzgitter, Germany, upon completing her academic education, actress Sebnem Donmez began her professional career, at a young age, in 1990. Her introduction to TV was an immediate success and there was great demand for her both as a personality and presenter. Her obvious talent and enthusiasm made her one of the most sought after names for big budget TV and live TV broadcast events. Between 1990 and 1998 Sebnem’s star continued to rise as she took on leading roles in some of Turkeys most highly rated TV series; during that time she also became the advertising face for a number of local and international brands. In 2000, during the rapid rise of Turkish film making, Sebnem won leading movie roles in; ‘A Guide To Make Money’ (2002) ; ‘Runaway Mummy’ (20003) and Turkish blockbusters ‘Where’s Feruze’ (2004) and ‘Killing the Shadow’ (2005). In addition, to her success at a national level Sebnem became one of those rare Turkish actresses to cross over to Hollywood, when in 2005 she won a role in the Columbia TriStar film ‘The Net 2.0’ which was shot in istanbul and directed by Charles Winkler. Well-known as one of the hardest working actresses in Turkey, Sebnem Donmez strives to improve her art and professionalism and to this end has attended numerous local and international advanced acting seminars and workshops. Sebnem’s great personality and talent as an actress has endeared her to all in Turkey, but it is her ability to connect with the youth of today that has made her the ‘face’ of the ‘new generation’ here in Turkey. Fluent in English, Sebnem is now looking to expand her horizons to include more roles both in world cinema and Hollywood itself.